THARAA Loyalty Program

Rewarding you more with every Trade!

Emirates NBD Securities is proud to launch THARAA', the unique new loyalty program rewarding you for your trades. THARAA' program offers five tiers of membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Executive, each tier holds special benefits and is designed to reward you simply by executing trades. Every trading transaction earns THARAA' points that maybe redeemed for future transactions at your request. All Emirates NBD Securities valued customers* are automatically enrolled into THARAA'.

The Membership to the specific tier is determined based on trading history. The tier membership structure is as follows:

Tier Membership - EQUITY MARKETS
BRONZE Up to AED 9,999,999
SILVER AED 10,000,000 to AED 29,999,999
GOLD AED 30,000,000 to AED 59,999,999
PLATINUM AED 60,000,000 to AED 99,999,999
EXECUTIVE AED 100,000,000 and above
Tier Membership - DGCX
TIER DGCX - Trading / Year
BRONZE Up to 99 Lots
SILVER 100 Lots to 999 Lots
GOLD 1000 Lots to 2,999 Lots
PLATINUM 3,000 Lots to 5,999 Lots
EXECUTIVE Above 6,000 Lots
DGCX Plus 10,000 and Above
  • Tier upgrades will be granted based on quarterly review of trading activity
  • To sustain the benefits of your tier membership, the accumulated trading values of Equity and /or DGCX markets should be maintained within the specified range of the tier for one year

The number of THARAA' Points you earn differs based on:

  • Membership tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Executive
  • Channel used for trading:
    • Online - eBroker Services such as eBroker, eBrokerPLUS, eBrokerMobile
    • Offline - Trading over the counter or by contacting the Call Center

THARAA' Points are earned at a percentage of the broker commission. Please refer to the table below for better understanding about earning THARAA' Points.

Earning THARAA Points - Equity Markets
TIER eBroker Services Offline Channel
SILVER 7.50% 5.00%
GOLD 10% 7.50%
PLATINUM 15% 10%
Earning THARAA Points - DGCX
TIER eBroker Services Offline Channel
SILVER 12.50% 10%
GOLD 15% 12.50%
PLATINUM 20% 15%
DGCX Plus 83% 67%
  • THARAA' Points are redeemed in the form of purchase power for future trading
  • Each THARAA' Point is equivalent to AED 1
  • THARAA' Points are redeemed upon investor's request
  • A minimum requirement of 200 points is required for THARAA' Points redemption
  • THARAA' Points will be valid for 24 months after granting
  • Your THARAA' Points will be reflected in your account in eBroker and trading statements.

Redemption Process:

  • Call +971 600 52 3434 to redeem your points
  • Visit Emirates NBD Securities - Customer Care Center

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  • *Terms and conditions apply



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