Abu Dhabi Financial Exchange

Providing clients innovative trading, clearing, settlement and depository of securities services, in an efficient, transparent and liquid environment.

ADX provides a market for investors to buy and sell the stocks of publicly held companies in the UAE. Public Joint Stock Companies will be listed at the ADX, and investors will be able to trade in the shares of these companies through accredited brokers

  • Obtain a unique Investor Number (IN) which identifies your account at the Clearing and Depository System (CDS), which holds all investor shares. The IN will be used to transfer shares to and from your account each time you buy or sell shares.
  • Get an account statement which shows details of the transactions in your account over a specific time period, as well as your shareholdings at the statement date
  • Open several accounts (with different account numbers) with more than one broker
  • Easily transfer shares between accounts and brokers

Your most frequently asked questions answered below. Should you have further queries, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.


What are the most important commitments of a listed company to promote
disclosure & transparency?
Is the date of purchasing of any significance when buying shares of a
listed company?
What is the difference between the maturity date and the payment date of
these profits?
When should companies submit annual and quarterly financial statements? Is it permissible to apply directly to ADX for listing ? How would I know that the company allows non-UAE nationals to hold its shares,
or the ratio of its shares that may be held by non-national
individuals and companies?
What are the reasons for prohibiting companies’ directors and staff from dealing at
certain times and allowing them at other times?


What is the followed procedure in case of losing the Investor Number Card? What is the difference between the demated and the non-demated shares? Why does the lodgment procedure take a long time in process? Would there be any risk of dematerializing my shares? What is the Investor account within CSD and the Investor account with he broker? Can the investor have account with more than one broker? And Can the investor
transfer the shares among those accounts?
What should I do in case I do not want to deal with my current broker? Is it possible to transfer my owned shares to one of my friends, family members,
or any relatives? And how?




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